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gawry 13th October 2011 21:02

ISPConfig and phpMyAdmin
I have a setup like this

Server 3<----------------- Server 1 -----------------> Server 2
Email server ------------- ISPConfig ------------------DB Server
----------------------------Web server----------------phpMyAdmin

I've configured a website, a db and ftp account for a client. After he logged in phpMyAdmin, he changed the password but couldn't login again.

What do I do? Should I change the password for that database in ISP Config? How can i give him access to phpMyAdmin?

till 14th October 2011 12:09

Looks as if your client entered a wrong password, as the login worked the first time. You can reset a mysql password by entereing a new password in ispconfig.

gawry 14th October 2011 21:36

The problem is that he changed his password in phpMyAdmin. I've tried to set a new password in ISPConfig but I still can't login.

Toucan 14th October 2011 23:08

If you look at the job monitor are any jobs queue up there?

What's the error phpmyadmin gives you when you try to log into it?

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