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rdhir 5th October 2011 06:06

ISPConfig Migration Unable to login
I have done what has been mostly a successful migration of ISP Config from a Centos 5.4 VM to a Centos 6.0 VM

Basically I followed the forum threads on

a) Copy /var/www, /var/vmail, then copy the databases, then I copied and manipulated passwd, shadow, group and finally rebuilt /etc/httpd/sites*

The new server was set up following the guide here for Centos6/ISPconfig3

Having been able to login ok to the new host ( I am no longer able to log in as admin. Thinking I had done somethin stupid I followed the advice on faqforge to rest the password by manipulating the sys_user table directly.

But this does not work!

The server itself is functioning and all the client websites are up. phpadmin and squirrelmail are all fine, but I have no access to the ISPconfig control panel.



till 5th October 2011 09:01

Can you login to the ispconfig mysql database with the ligin details from the ispconfig file?

rdhir 5th October 2011 13:42

Thanks. I will blame it being 3am for me being so dumb, don't actually know why it changed/got corrupted on Mysql though.

I will try and post my migration experience when finished as 3.x migration information on CentOS seems rarer. I chose to do it this way as I needed to upgrade php to support Wordpress 3.2.1 or higher so I felt the safest way to migrate the host was to move to a new VM running the new CentOS.

Now to make sure email is all working, but all the websites which was the only important bit are fine and I have also now upgraded to the latest ISPConfig too.

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