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Brenton 27th September 2011 12:16

Copy mail messages to new server.

I've upgraded from ISPConfig 2 to 3 and everything worked like a charm. I have one client who only uses IMAP for mail and need to know if I can copy all mail messages and custom folders to the new mail account?


Brenton 27th September 2011 13:39

Semi-solved my own question.

What I did in the interim was to create a backup mail account for the client and I just copied over the directories and files. I had to make sure that I changed ownership to vmail:vmail to make the mails accessible though.

Next step will be to try copy over files and directories to the main account without messing with mail and directories already there.

Any points in this regard will be appreciated.


falko 28th September 2011 17:38

I suggest you take a look at imapsync:

Brenton 29th September 2011 08:00

Thanks a lot Falko. Exactly what I was looking for.

falko 30th September 2011 11:47

Another solution might be imapcopy ( ) which is also available as a package for Debian/Ubuntu. But I haven't tried this yet.

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