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XCore 26th September 2011 17:32

Xen "Perfect Server..." type of how-to
I've been subscribing here for about 3 years now and I finally need something I can't find here...A "Perfect Server" how-to for a Xenserver in either a Xenserver situation or in a Xen Slave situation (such as when you are using a CP like Solusvm). I know there's a Xen how-to but it starts after the OS install which is (from what I can tell) where I need help with the LVM for the Xen vm's.

I know there's a lot of stuff out there and even here I've tried piecing it together with other how-to's but nothing quite covers it all.

The fact is that I trust Howtoforge tutorials over all others and would prefer to get this info here.

Thank you!

falko 27th September 2011 11:57

We have a XenServer tutorial here:

But I guess it's not what you're looking for?

XCore 27th September 2011 15:09

Thank you for the reply, falko and I apologize for not stating my needs more clearly.

That would indeed be a perfect how-to for a Xenserver on it's own but I am in need of the best way to install Centos and the partitions in order to later install Xen PV for use as a slave server.


falko 28th September 2011 17:44

As XenServer is based on RedHat, chapter 4 of might help you. I guess you need an empty volume group tp create your VMs in.

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