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esezako 16th September 2011 10:34

Disable apache Logs in Ispconfig 2
how can i disable the apache logs (/var/www/webx/log/) for all users?
and for some selected users?


falko 17th September 2011 12:15

To disable it for all users, just comment out the CustomLog directive in /etc/apache2/sites-available/ispconfig.conf and restart Apache.

esezako 19th September 2011 10:32

Hi Falko, but with this option, lose i the webalizer statics?

falko 20th September 2011 11:11

Yes, of course.

esezako 20th September 2011 11:14

Any solution for delete de logs files after processed for webalizer?

till 20th September 2011 11:20

The logs get deleted automatically after some time whan they reach a certain limit of the webspace quota, so there is no need to handle that manually.

esezako 20th September 2011 11:24

Till, in Ispconfig 2, at least with notify option (not suspend), the logs not deleted.

till 20th September 2011 11:47

This option is not related to logfiles. You mix up web quota and traffic quota.

esezako 20th September 2011 11:52

But the size of logs files sum to web quota. If my case the logs files are de 30-60% of the web quota of my clients.

till 20th September 2011 11:57

Yes, and thats intended as they will get deleted automatically in case that that quota gets full.

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