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markhawke7 13th September 2011 19:37

auto_ptr_create settings - Available?
I am a LONG time user of the original mydns and mydnsconfig. Took the time and got the latest mydns and mydnsconfig loaded on Debian Squeeze 32bit yesterday. It looks good and I like all of the good work that's been done. However, I have found that the automatic creation of the reverse dns look up records isn't working with the latest mydnsconfig. I was encouraged though when I found:
where it describes adding:
to the interface's file. However, I note that it's talking about version 1.0.0 in that document. And while it doesn't give me errors when I add those items, it also doesn't seem to be working.

So can anyone verify that this automatic creation of the reverse PTR records is no longer a feature of MyDNSConfig. And if so, is it planned to ever add that capability back again. I personally found that one of the most convenient functions of using MyDNSConfig. So I hope it will be added back. I really would have to give serious thought to moving from my original MyDNS/MyDNSConfig install without that capability.

Thanks in advance!


markhawke7 17th November 2011 18:10

This is just a bump of this thread. Can anyone answer the question of the auto ptr record functionality will be restored to MyDNSConfig?

markhawke7 15th May 2012 18:33

Just another bump? I'm more than willing to make code changes and recompile if necessary. Any info would be GREATLY appreciated.


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