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gilas 7th July 2006 14:29

ISPCONFIG records not deleted...
Hi all
my problem is that: starting ISPConfig I tried to configure some domain and then I deleted them.
i.e. my server is under the domain:

and during the activation, I defined an alias such as and deleted it.

Now when I try to send an email (i.e. using PHP function mail()) doesn't start because when I create a new site ISPConfig rewrites the file:


this file contains the host-names deteled before.

Then Postfix attempts to send an email to my server believing that the domain '' is managed locally.

I discovered that if I erase all definitions in local-host-names ISPConfig rewrites the data fetched from Mysql ISPConfig db.

I don't know how ISPConfig db works because I've not studied the relations between tables, then I can't delete manually these records.

Could someone help me?!?

Thank you very much.....

till 7th July 2006 15:48

Never delete records in the ISPConfig DB manually if you dont want to corrupt your installation.

Did you empty the recycle bin?

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