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dalmain 7th July 2006 01:42

need other server DNS for ispconfig??
i do not undertstad completely the operation of the DNS, and i trying the ISPConfig in one net local.

operating system suse10.1
Ispconfig install correctly under the instrucctions of howtoforge
i have ips free for try the server
the ip 192.168.50 is the primary and set the for DNS (in the ispconfig)
also have a site test.tld in the dir-ip

the problem is that when access to test.tld have error page and using ip have ip blocked also us have error page

in the manual it does not speak like forming the server correctly

review all the configurations and nothing
please I need the form to set the dns

till 7th July 2006 11:15

which error page do you get when you open test.tld in your browser?

Did you set your server as first DNS server on your workstation?

dalmain 10th July 2006 23:17

thanks for reply
the page of error is the ip shared whe use the ip and when use show not found page
and it fixes initially the IP primary and do not work, and also uses dns ips that it set in ispconfig and it always leaves that page.

falko 11th July 2006 15:08

What's in Vhosts_ispconfig.conf?
What's the output of


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