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xciso 16th August 2011 19:23

Setup IspConfig 3 on VPS Xen or OpenVZ?
Today i have a vps with DirectAdmin.
It works really good. But i want to get a opensource panel.

I will setup a new vps and i have options Xen or OpenVZ
Xen cost more, but thats only $5/month.

I have read that IspConfig cant really work well in OpenVZ.
Is that true or will it run just fine?

I have read that pureftp cant run on OpenVZ, and some people use proftpd, but if i use that i will need to hack files and cant update ispconfig later.

Whats best for me?
I will use Debian 6.0 32-bit.

Please link to a guide thats work well on vps server.

EDIT: One more thing. Which mailserver will be best? Dovecot or courier..
Big thanks!!

till 16th August 2011 20:20

Ispconfig Works perfectly on openvz. I use that on all my Servers.

Pureftpdworks fine on openvz, See ispconfig FAQ for detailed Installation instructions if your Hosting Provider has disabled some capabilities.

I recommend that you use openvz As its netter suited for Hosting Servers.

All guides that you find on work for Virtual Servers.

If you use dovecot or courier is a Personal preference, both work fine.

Franz 17th August 2011 01:18

I can confirm that ISPConfig is working on OpenVZ, including pureFTP.

But I move now to dedicated server...

xciso 17th August 2011 15:02

Thank you so much for the answar!
I will install it on openVZ.
I hope I can use the guide (dovecot)
or (courier)

Is this the best guides or does it excist better?

till 17th August 2011 15:21

That are the best guides to install ispconfig 3.

If pure-ftpd dont start in your vm, then follow this guide:

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