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N4zroth 1st August 2011 19:45

ISPConfig 3 and ProFTPd
I installed everything according to the Perfect Server Tutorial but the FTP server because ProFTPd was preinstalled and ready-to-use. Is it possible to use ISPConfig 3 with ProFTPd and if yes, what do I have to change?
If not, when I have to remove ProFTPd and install Pure FTP, what do I have to do to make it work with ISPConfig?
Thanks in advance.

N4zroth 1st August 2011 20:02

Oh nvm, I found this: which I will try out. Wish me luck :-)

till 1st August 2011 20:46

proftpd is not supported by OISPConfig. ISPConfig uses pure-ftps. I recommend to uninstall proftps and install pure-ftpd instead as decsribed in the perfect setup guide.

I recommend to not use the tutorial that you posted above. By using that tutorial you will loose the ability to update ispconfig in future.

N4zroth 1st August 2011 20:48

Well okay, I just used it and now I can't login to the ftp anymore with a 421 error :-(
If I'm not able to fix this, I'll try to switch to pureftp. Will it work out-of-the box with ISPConfig or do I have to do something?

till 1st August 2011 20:55


Will it work out-of-the box with ISPConfig or do I have to do something?
It works out of the box when it is installed before ISPConfig gets installed (see perfect setup guides). If you install it later, you will have to run a manual ispconfig update and choose to reconfigure services after you installed pure-ftpd. But you will have to do that anyway as the guide you followed above broke ispconfig and ispconfig has to be repaired by a update run that removes the modified files.

There might be other config steps nescessary on your system depending on the linux distribution, so you should really read the perfect setup tuotrial for the linux distribution that you use befor you install pure-ftpd.

N4zroth 1st August 2011 20:59

Okay, thanks a lot. I followed the perfect server tutorial in everything but the FTP setup. Got it to work with proftp now, but I'll rather change to pureftp, you're right with that.
How do I run a manual ISPConfig update?
Thanks again.

Edit: Okay, dumb question, just php update.php I guess. Thanks for your help, I'll migrate to pureftp now.

till 1st August 2011 21:01

Download the ispconfig tar.gz again and run the update.php script which is in the install folder.

N4zroth 1st August 2011 21:02

Thank you very much :-)

N4zroth 1st August 2011 21:29

Okay, pureftp works now with ISPConfig. But my 'old' accounts stored in /etc/passwd with homedirs in /home can only login if they've got a valid shell, if they've got /bin/false, pureftp denies them the login. Any help on this?
Thanks again for your patience and help.

Edit: I went around this problem by giving them a valid shell in /etc/passwd but denying access to SSH for them in /etc/ssh/sshd_config :-)
Thanks to ldr on the IRC for this.

falko 2nd August 2011 11:41


Originally Posted by N4zroth (Post 260710)
if they've got /bin/false, pureftp denies them the login. Any help on this?

Add the shell to /etc/shells.

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