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mjreid72 1st July 2011 11:05

ISPCONFIG3 Spamfilter Blacklist

When I add an entry to the Spamfilter Blacklist in ISPConfig 3 it doesnt seem to block the email it still is coming through. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


falko 2nd July 2011 15:20

Is the Active checkbox checked?

Did you fill in a valid email address in the email field? If you want to blacklist a whole domain, you can do so by leaving out the local part of the email address - i.e., if you want to blacklist emails from the domain, type in this field.

mjreid72 3rd July 2011 16:28

Hi Falko,

Thanks for the reply. Yes active box checked and valid email address in the email field. Email still seems to come through.


falko 4th July 2011 10:37

Are there any errors in your mail log (in the /var/log/ directory)?

mjreid72 5th July 2011 00:13

Hi Falko,

No errors. When email message is coming into server it is in the mail.log file as amavis passed.


mjreid72 8th July 2011 14:33

Hi Falko,

Thanks for your assistance it turned out to be a whitelist entry conflicting with the blacklist entry apologies....

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