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demonized 1st June 2011 22:07

corrupted Hdd issue

I was using Windows 7 and while I was writing some documents, my laptop closed suddenly. And I turned on it again, after that I couldnt log in with my windows. And I decided to format my computer. I have tried to do it in several ways and I got hdd errors like Input/output or Daemon is inhibited. I tried to install linux instead of windows. Because as I know linux has a good partition utility. First time I have seen my corrupted harddisk drive in Disk Utility and I couldnt fix it. After that I restarted my computer many times and now I dont see my hdd in disk utility but I see it in BIOS. I tried Gparted and it didnt work. It finds my hdd but cant fix it. And I have downloaded TestDisk and opened it. When I write this command "testdisk /list" it gives this

TestDisk 6.8, Data Recovery Utility, August 2007
Christophe GRENIER <>
Please wait...

I see nothing after that. I need help to install operating system and fix my hdd. Can anyone tell me what to do? I have tried so many things. Thanks in advance..

Sorry for my English.


erosbk 2nd June 2011 20:59

Is high probably that your hdd is broken, maybe the logic card... (could be the board too, but it is very difficult).

Look in the BIOS for "HDD integrity test" or something similar, or look for a Diagnostic boot cd (normally it cames with your notebook when you bought it).


eyeoncomputers 4th June 2011 22:21

You can use a tool called gparted to mount your bad cd and pull the data off it. It is a linux based tool so it may be a little tricky to use, but it is very handy for recovering files from most failed disks.

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