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MacGoose 9th May 2011 20:53

Is there a bug in the left menu in
I wonder since I can't find any reference to a bug in the left menu. But are the left menu in buggy? The headers and the clickable items look the same and it makes it hard to tell them apart.

Is this a bug or a feature - or is it only me?

, MacGoose

otacon 9th May 2011 21:33

I have had no issues with the sidebar of any tabs in version, but if you have a specific one I could test it on my server to verify if there is a bug or not.

edge 9th May 2011 21:57

Headers are "bold" for me, and when clicked it shows the 1st "clickable" menu option under the selected header.

IE: When clicking the "bold" header "Apps & Addons" (under System) it will show me "Repository".
Repositories is the 1st option in the "Apps & Addons", and when clicked it will also show me "Repository".

MacGoose 9th May 2011 22:03

1 Attachment(s)
See the attachment for a view of how my left menu looks like. The headers are still there but they look like clickable items. This is for all my tabs. I simply upgraded from using the command line as stated in the howto.

I'm holding back on upgrading ISPConfig on my production server until I figure this out.

, MacGoose

edge 9th May 2011 22:20

That does not look right!

This is now my menu looks like:

It's version, but it's always been like this

MacGoose 9th May 2011 22:40

Hmm. I had a left menu as that before upgrading. I've never had those fancy tabs with graphics though. I've seen them, but always wondered why I don't have them. This is on both my servers - test and production. They are basically the same. Ubuntu 10.04 setup with the perfect server howto.

Anyway. To sum it up:

* I've never had the graphics tabs on my servers running
* And after updating my test server to my left menu is as shown earlier.

Any ideas as to why? Is it my Perfect server Ubuntu 10.04 setup?

, MacGoose

edge 9th May 2011 22:51

Login (as admin) on ISPconfig, and go to: System > Edit user > admin, and set Design to default

Now logout and in again... With a bit of luck you will have the graphics.

MacGoose 9th May 2011 23:13

1 Attachment(s)
Thanx, now I found the graphics tabs. But they don't look good as seen in my attachment. I'm thinking this is a faulty css file or something. And the left menu is still the same.

Is there a way to rapair the ISPConfig installation?

, MacGoose

edge 9th May 2011 23:15

Are you maybe running somekind of firewall on the client PC what could be blocking the css?
Does it look the same on an other PC?

MacGoose 9th May 2011 23:42

Thanx! I didn't try a different computer but a different browser. Using IE and everything looks great. Must be Chrome that has some issues...

, MacGoose

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