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karon 6th April 2011 22:16

How to disable Apache logging?
I have several high traffic sites that put a considerable IO load on the sytem because of their access and error logging. I can't find any option in ISPConfig 3 to disable logging on a site or the entire server.

How can this be done?

till 7th April 2011 01:04

Edit the ispconfig.conf file in /etc/apache2/sites-available and comment out the customlog line, then restart apache.

karon 7th April 2011 01:18

The line in question looks like this:


CustomLog "| /usr/local/ispconfig/server/scripts/vlogger -s access.log -t \"%Y%m%d-access.log\" -d \"/etc/vlogger-dbi.conf\" /var/log/ispconfig/httpd" combined_ispconfig
So if I comment this out, error logging (that's defined in the sites individual vhost files) will still be on, right?

till 7th April 2011 01:42

yes. the line above is the access.log and not the error.log.

abubin 5th August 2011 07:47

how do is disable the access.log only? I don't see the customlog in the vhost file for the specified domain. Using ispconfig

till 5th August 2011 10:16

Just remove the line that is mentioned in post #3 from the apache config. It is in the ispconfig.conf file and not in a vhost as it is a global logging directive and not site specific.

cypriot 2nd February 2013 13:58

Found an easy way of doing this :)

go into website settings and options in admin of Ispconfig,
and add this two line into Apache Directives

CustomLog /dev/null Combined
AccessLog /dev/null Combined

you will see all logs will stop

i guess you guys can add tick box on the setting page of the site to add this two line auto ?


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