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rare 29th March 2011 16:15

Postfix speed

I installed fedora, according to perfect installation, and postfix+amavisd+dovecot.

Now the mails are sent very slow, there is a pause 1-3 seconds between each sent.

There is no DNS problem, cashing nameserver is set.

Can somebody point me, what to change to speed up the whole process ?

till 29th March 2011 21:10

The mails get scanned by amavis, so the pause is normal.

rare 30th March 2011 00:15


thanks for reply,

do you know how to disable amavisd, at least for sending from local domains?

I tried commenting line
#content_filter = amavis:[]:10024
in but didn't help

Also found some explanation about white listening in amavisd.conf

@whitelist_sender_maps = (['', '']);

but think nothing changed.

Can we disable amavisd for some users, their mails are free of viruses, and speed is important while sending ?

rare 5th April 2011 14:01


I want just to close this thread and tanks for help. Problem was not with postfix / amavisd, but with PHPMailer. We used older version, and after upgrade the problem has gone

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