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vmos 23rd March 2011 11:59

How to get apache to send TLS encrypted mail
Good morning, a client wants the mail sent from a form on their website to be encrypted with TLS.
The site is already encrypted with an SSL certificate. We have another postfix server that uses optional TLS for it's mail and it's got apache on it so I've been testing with that but so far I've not been able to get it to use TLS when sending from apache.
These are ubunutu 10.04 servers, can anyone point me in the right direction?

gw1500se 23rd March 2011 17:55

I think you mean Postfix. TLS is an encryption protocol for transmitting between mail servers. The packets while on the net are encrypted. The mail itself is unencrypted while on the servers. If you want some kind of of encryption (e.g. PGP) that allows only the recipient to read the mail then you can do that with Apache but it is not TLS.

vmos 23rd March 2011 18:07

yes I do mean postfix, our linux servers use apache and postfix, a few of them also use TLS.
But those other servers are all for use with people using mail clients and whatnot, in this case the mail is going to be generated on the server itself when a user fills in a form on the website.
For reasons that I can't yet figure out, I can't get the server to start a TLS session when sending these particular mails

gw1500se 23rd March 2011 19:54

That wouldn't have anything to do with Apache. I don't know what your network configuration is, obviously but are the working servers using the same firewall/router as the one in question? What router/firewall are you using? Cisco for example, by default, disables SCP. I suspect the problem is not with Postfix but with your firewall/router not allowing Postfix to see the TLS request.

vmos 24th March 2011 14:11

it's nothing to do with the router or the firewall. TLS sessions were working fine when relaying mail via server A to server B but not when sending a mail from a php script on server A to server B.

It's working now but I don't know which of my config changes fixed it. That might be a problem as I have to go and do it on two other servers now.

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