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excalibur 22nd March 2011 13:46

The Perfect Server - CentOs x86_64 [ISPConfig 3], now what?
I'm switching from my reseller account to my own server in datacenter.
In my old reseller-account all the emails are stored in
e.g /home/info/
I have 'Thrash', 'sent' & 'draft' file and my inbox is in /var/spool/mail/, i got a 'info' file.

With my CentOs setup, can i easily copy those files to let it work and where do i have to copy this ?
Or do i have to do another procedure?


till 22nd March 2011 14:04

It seems that your old server uses the mbox format to store emails and your new server uses maildir format. There is a tool available named mb2md that can convert mailbox files to maildir format:

The maildirs on a ispconfig 3 server are in /var/vmail/domain.tld/user/Maildir/

excalibur 22nd March 2011 15:05

Do i have to download the files first to my new server?
because i don't have SSH access to my reseller account.

excalibur 22nd March 2011 20:30

I'm following the mb2md, they say
Run this as the user of the mailboxes, not as root.

but i don't have users for eg., i only have root user to migrate my files.

also when i do this
[root@server Maildir]# ./ -s Drafts
Fatal: Source is not an mbox file or a directory!


excalibur 23rd March 2011 09:44

Problem solved.

What did i do?

I have download all files of my current hosting (/home/[user]/) to /tmp/[user] of the new server
and ran this:

./mb2md -s /tmp/[user]/ -R -d /var/vmail/[domain]/[user]/Maildir/

When i check my roundcube on my new server, all my mails are imported.

1 disadvantage: all my mails are marked unread :(

Hopefully this will help anyone.

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