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wirasto 19th March 2011 06:10

Client can't use my dns server
Gateway ____________ ( Client

I have set dns forwarders on bind configuration

forwarders {;

Client can "ping" to dns server. But client can't ping when use as name server.

Sorry, about my poor english :)

falko 19th March 2011 20:09

Did you open and forward port 53 (TCP and UDP)?

wirasto 20th March 2011 05:38

I'm not implement any rule except nat for MASQUERADE.
What must I do on my gateway???

falko 20th March 2011 22:22

Open port 53 (TCP and UDP) in the router's firewall and forward both ports to your DNS server.

wirasto 21st March 2011 05:19

I'm default forward for everything on my gw firewall and on my dns server. But still not work :(


falko 21st March 2011 16:33

Do you have a static or a dynamic IP? IF you have a dynamic IP, it might have changed in the meantime so that your client uses a wrong IP (besides, it is a bad idea to run a nameserver on a dynamic IP).

wirasto 22nd March 2011 04:41

I'm use static ip

falko 22nd March 2011 15:37


dig @
work (replace with your public static IP)?

wirasto 23rd March 2011 04:06

It work's now. I just put this options


allow-recursion { any; };
allow-recursion-on { any; };

Thank's for all reply :)

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