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gw1500se 15th March 2011 18:18

fetchmailrc question
I am getting inundated with messages from fetchmail. Since I am not using syslog, I guess it is sending it via email. I can only find information on how to turn off syslog. How do I turn off (or modify to get only errors) all these warning emails? TIA.

falko 16th March 2011 14:39

What do these warnings look like?

gw1500se 16th March 2011 15:17

One for each mailbox each time fetchmail runs:

fetchmail: Warning: "Maillennium POP3/PROXY server" found, using RETR command instead of TOP.
fetchmail: No mail for mailbox at

falko 17th March 2011 19:23

Take a look at

man fetchmail
You can suppress warnings with the -s or --silent switch.

gw1500se 18th March 2011 00:23

Thanks but that didn't change anything. I still get the same warnings every 5 minutes.

falko 18th March 2011 16:01

Where did you add the switch? In the fetchmailrc file (don't know if that works), or in the fetchmail startup command in the fetchmail init script (probably /etc/init.d/fetchmail)?

gw1500se 18th March 2011 16:30

I run fetchmail from cron.

*/5 * * * * /usr/bin/fetchmail --silent

falko 19th March 2011 19:54

Can you post the fetchmailrc file (please x out the passwords!)?

gw1500se 19th March 2011 22:57

Thanks for your time. Here it is:

set postmaster "mailman"
set bouncemail
set no spambounce
set properties ""
        proto pop3
        user "cufsalumni"
        pass "xxxxxxxxx"
        is cufsalumni
        user "cufsalumni-request"
        pass "xxxxxxxxx"
        is cufsalumni-request
        user "cufsalumni-join"
        pass "xxxxxxxxx"
        is cufsalumni-join
        user "cufsalumni-leave"
        pass "xxxxxxxxx"
        is cufsalumni-leave
        user "cufsalumni-confirm"
        pass "xxxxxxxxx"
        is cufsalumni-confirm
        user "cufsalumni-owner"
        pass "xxxxxxxxx"
        is cufsalumni-owner
        user "mailman-owner"
        pass "xxxxxxxxx"
        is mailman-owner

falko 20th March 2011 22:20

Not sure if this works, but maybe you can add "silent" to each mailbox, e.g.:


        proto pop3
        user "cufsalumni"
        pass "xxxxxxxxx"
        is cufsalumni silent

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