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rtrynor 12th March 2011 02:45

ISPConfig 3 billing addon
Is this addon ready for installing? I can only find the demo site for it. If it is not avalible now any idea when?


falko 12th March 2011 20:08

No, it's not ready yet. We're currently analyzing user feedback and try to improve the module.

rtrynor 12th March 2011 21:45

If you need beta or alpha sites keep me in mind. I am new to linux and right full of questions :) If I can get it then just about anyone can and I am great at finding problems :)

giftsnake 1st July 2011 16:32

is there any estimated date for the release?

rtrynor 1st July 2011 17:31

I would like to get this also. I do not really do billing but would like to try it and maybe I could add billing :)

till 1st July 2011 17:44

The billing addon and manual for the billing addon is finished now and will be released next week.

till 7th July 2011 17:06

The ISPConfig 3 Billing Module has been released:

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