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aurelius 9th March 2011 19:07

php not working

I've followed the perfect setup for ispconfig2 on debian. Then I put the backup from another server following the guides on this website. But when now my php does not work anymore and i can't start apache because of the line php_admin_flag safe_mode off.

It seems to relate to suphp and modphp. The perfect setup guide installs modphp, but suphp is also installed. What can i do to have php per website again.

thanks, Aureliusster

aurelius 9th March 2011 22:48

I'm a little bit futrther i think. I had added the dotdeb repository to apt, after that the php was changed. But how can i change it back to modphp or how to get ispconfig working with suphp

aurelius 10th March 2011 00:13

problem solved by reinstalling php

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