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GTAMCN 21st February 2011 15:26

Apache2 problem in debian (var/www)
I have a debian server everything is set-up , my webroot is /var/www ...
I use ISPConfing3 for my administration adding new websites etc ...
Now, I have rutorrent in my webroot (/var/www) and I go to


I ger a ERROR 404 - Not Found! but when I go

it works fine ... and my webmail is in my webroot /var/www/webmail but the same thing IF I go

http:// serverIP/webmail
l I get the same ERROR 404 - Not Found!
the same thing with phpmyadmin.

note: IF I go to my server's IP I get one of my .vhost webfiles ...

any ideas / help would be appreciated


falko 22nd February 2011 16:04

Please install rutorrent in one of your web sites created through ISPConfig.

For webmail, take a look here:

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