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ejg 11th February 2011 23:57

Unable to log in to console after clean install CentOS 5.5
After a clean install on a 32bit CentOS 5.5 server and following the installation steps in the CentOS 5.4 installation textfile in the docs folder everything seems fine.

starting the console http://localhost:8080 gives me the login screen for the console. When trying to access the console with the default first time credentials (admin/admin) I get the message:

Username or Password wrong.1

So something must have not completely gone correct during the installation.

How can I correct this error? or can anyone push me in the direction of resolving this?

kwickcut 12th February 2011 00:32

are you trying to log into the machine directly or are you using ssh?


ejg 12th February 2011 00:38

Maybe I should be more clear :)

I try to log on to the ISPconfig 3 latest version ( console via a webbrowser, not trying to log on to the server.

kwickcut 12th February 2011 02:31

try you boxes ip ie and not localhost


ejg 15th February 2011 14:49

localhost, ip-address, dns resolvable name, all get me to the page perfectly. Somehow the password for the administrator account was not properly set at installation of ISP Config 3

mike_p 15th February 2011 15:23

Maybe there's been a problem checking your log in credentials.

Can you confirm that mysql is running?

ejg 15th February 2011 16:57

I went into mysql and found that the installation did not create the database properly. I de-installed ISPConfig and re-installed it. this seems to have solved my problem. I can now succesfully log in to the console.

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