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neofire 10th February 2011 10:42

Issues with Baruwa - The Perfect Spamsnake Ubuntu 10.10
Hey, i am having issues with Baruwa

i recently completed this tutorial, but i have run into a problem, doesnt seem to be working at all, its not listing e-mails reports are not working, and the System status Icon is red, so i know there is a issue but i dont even know where to start looking

as far as i can see everything else is working, mail is flowing and being scanned etc, but i cant see any information in baruwa

any help would be greatly apprecatied

Rocky 10th February 2011 20:52

Have you setup baruwa according to the guide? Sounds like you may have a bad baruwa install. Try purging baruwa and reinstalling it. Also make sure you have the baruwa entries in mailscanner.conf according to the guide.

neofire 10th February 2011 23:02

I will Try that

i did follow the guide step by step, i just cant see if i missed anything would you like me to post copies of my conf files, if so which ones do you want to see

Rocky 10th February 2011 23:08

First give the purge a shot, then we'll look at the conf files if that doesn't work.

neofire 11th February 2011 01:04

Hey Rocky i have reinstalled Baruwa and still having issues, have you got any other ideas ??

Rocky 11th February 2011 04:20

Post a sample of your mail.log.

neofire 12th February 2011 09:14

1 Attachment(s)
Here is at part of my mail.log

Rocky 14th February 2011 15:12

Ok, I can see that mails are flowing, but not inspected by Baruwa. Do you have the following settings in mailscanner.conf?

Always Looked Up Last = &BaruwaSQL
Is Definitely Not Spam = &BaruwaWhitelist
Is Definitely Spam = &BaruwaBlacklist
Required SpamAssassin Score = &BaruwaLowScore
High SpamAssassin Score = &BaruwaHighScore

neofire 15th February 2011 00:10

hey rocky

i have re-added that settings in the conf file, another application must of changed the conf file during the build

after i change the settings i rebooted the server to give it a clean startup unfortunatly still having issue with baruwa, now baruwa enteries are coming up in the mail.log,

does baruwa have any other logs that i can look at for information ?

and also is there anyway of using configuring spamsnake to allow Rich text to be scanned properly ?

neofire 15th February 2011 00:22

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Hey Rocky here are some screen shots of the Baruwa Page, the first screen shot shows the messages tab with no records returned and the System status icon is red

The second one show the Baruwa Status page the the MTA has a explanation mark on it

if you want me to post more logs or anything else please let me know

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