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Hans 24th January 2011 10:20

Rounded corners (CSS) does not work on Debian ISPConfig3 server
Hi Till & Falko,

It's known that IE7 & IE8 are not the best browsers as it comes to CSS.
So, rounded corners defined in css does not work without a fix.
But, when using a fix, it is possible to see rounded corners if you using IE7 or IE8, as you can see here:
However, when we use the same html-file on our own Debian ISPConfig3 server, we can not see the rounded corners in IE7 and IE8:

So, I had a look at the content of the file /etc/mime.types.
There we have have a line, like:
text/x-component htc

Do you know why the rounded corners on our Debian ISPConfig3 server are not shown when IE7 or IE8 is used?
I wonder what else needs to be configured, to make it possible.

CSsab 24th January 2011 12:06

Border radius
IE doesn't support border-radius.

You could try this possible fix described here:

Hans 24th January 2011 12:13

Yes i know, but as you can see here: WITH IE7 or IE8, you see a border radius.
But, when i visit exactly the same file on our ISPConfig3 server, with IE7 or IE8 at, the border radius is NOT shown!
So the question is, what needs to be configured to make it possible on the ISPConfig3 server as well.

till 24th January 2011 12:19

Css is a browser side technology like javascript. It is not related to any server setting and it does not matter which controlpanel, operating system, webserver etc. you use to deliver the web pages, so this is not related to ispconfig in any way.

Hans 24th January 2011 12:34

Thanks both for your help!
And yes i realize that Till, but do you have an explanation then?
I mean, when i visit the html file on the first server i can see the border-radius and on the ISPConfig3 server not???
Same pc, same browser, same html file, different servers (but both Debian).

till 24th January 2011 13:31

Might be a browser extension or any setting on your windows workstation that e.g. handles that one site is a trusted system and the oter one not or you have any browser extension installed that loades a different rendering engine for one IP etc.

Another option might be that the file is not the same or that the file has any relative links or includes to css or javascript or images that are missing.

Hans 24th January 2011 13:35

Thanks Till for your help! We will investigate that.

Hans 26th January 2011 10:50

The issue with the rounded corners fix for IE7/8 is solved. The htc file was not loaded correctly. The path to the htc file was incorrect. After fixing this we discovered another issue. The htc solution will only fix the rounded borders issue for all borders, but not if you only want to change the radius of one or two borders. Thank you for trying to help us out!

ezifor 14th November 2014 13:19

Did you use vendor prefixes for border-radius property? You should use it in the following way: box with rounded corners using CSS3. And for IE of versions 8 and 7 you need to use PIE.

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