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matiasCU 20th January 2011 17:13

SPAM Tag-level
hi guys: I've been getting more spam before upgrading to ISPConfig Version: I was watching the policies of spam Tag-level (Normal) and noticed that the value of SPAM kill level is 50.
This value is correct, or should be 5.0?

falko 21st January 2011 15:44

I have 50 here as well, but that seems a bit high. Maybe you can set it to 6.9 or something like that.

From the ISPConfig 3 Manual:

SPAM kill level: The system will trigger spam evasive actions (e.g. blocks mail) at that level. The value should be >= SPAM tag2 level. Decimal numbers are allowed. Important: if SPAM kill level = SPAM tag2 level, spam will be blocked and not delivered to the user's mailbox, so it doesn't make sense to specify a SPAM subject tag2.

matiasCU 21st January 2011 16:05

Thanks falko:
In fact I'm trying with 8.0 for the moment and observing the behavior.

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