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zcworld 30th December 2010 09:01

something a little odd
hey all
long time no post here

but im being busy working and so on but i being looking at the diskless clients
and working on doing an diskless PWS system

with the lot

but at the time as im doing this there is no admin interface i can find to do the job that i'm after

so its means a lot of leg work to setup new domains and vhost all the time but beside that

its going to be nice

im may look at doing it to ISPconfig
but i need to get my laptop back and find a free wifi hotspot to download all of the RPM packages that i need to do this so that will be something to do in the mid of jan 2011

im hoping to have this out soon maybe by Friday next week .. as i gotta go away and write up the how to

keep in mind this is just an proof of ideal how to ... so ... it may be of some use to some out there and may seem like a wank to other

when done ... The time it will take to have an look at this howto ( go step by step) is about 5 hrs

its a long howto
where 2 hrs of the time is doing the systems installation and remote copying of the OS but i will give you screen shots when i can of what i got so far

software i used in this is iRedmail smtp/Imap/POP
pure-ftpd for uploading websites
apache: being modded to use the pure-ftpd (trying to work out how to have user upload and being able to install like forums that work and so on)

all howto i used from here and other the place will be listed

but at the time pros and con of this is

single point of failler
dual NICS in front end severes
back end server cost more to setup
3 pcs needed

but the saving are no hdds in front end
if u running forums
any pics upload to the site will be shown on all servers in real time
each front end server can be DNS/mail/SMTP/WEB/FTP
so the local is put on all pcs not just one or two at an time

when getting hit hard
like if ur mail servers getting spamed
or someone trying to hack into ur FTP server

or hitting the web server hard

there are going to be auto reloading of DNS / apache
so when new vhost sites are added it will add them to the list every 10 mins or what you want
same with the DNS

Wersen 20th January 2011 08:11

Thanks to Howtoforge, too. :)
My remote monitoring software and remote spy software

zcworld 21st January 2011 15:08

i was looking at like ISPconfig to be an web interface to admin the servers but i cant get my head around it

but due to the WAN IPS side of things, it will ass up i find so far.... but unless falko tell me know how have like 3 or so WAN IP .... there will be no web interface ... beside webmin.... its easy and nice to use ....

almost there

just looking at HA NFS server ... but i will put the work online soon :) give me about 3 more days ... i know it should of being done about an week ago ... bt i was looking at an web interface to make like easyer to admin it all :) but im almost there now :)

zcworld 30th January 2011 11:53

almost done ... its almost ready to be posted ... sorry its taking my a lot longer than i was thinking
due to work and the weather over here ... it hard to try and do stuff like this in the heat of the day ....

done ... send off to falko to add and put online when he is ready
its a LONGG howto ... in word it was looling at almost 50 pages and 2.3 MB of data

and i may have an mod for it soon as well
adding an FTP server to it
but ATM im too hot and cant be ___________ in writing that part up yet sorry but there is an one out there here already for centos 5.3 with purtftp - mysql so use that one :)

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