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makensy13 26th December 2010 15:44

Billing Module?

Is it possible to have a clear answer regarding the billing module for ISPConfig 3.

Indeed, on the forum can find a little of everything but it's not very clear.

Does it Yes or No to a billing module ISPConfig3?

If Yes, the provision is expected when?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Thank you again


till 26th December 2010 17:52

The billing module is nearly finished and it is used in production by some testes for a while to find the last problems before we release it to the public. We will make a online demo available in january.

makensy13 26th December 2010 18:56

Onile Demo Or Download it?
Ok, thanks for your reply.
Version will only be accessible online demo or you can download it?
Thank you, Till for your reply and your responsiveness.

till 26th December 2010 19:40

The test version will only be available as online demo. We might make a test version aailable for download later to a limited number of testers.

makensy13 26th December 2010 20:37

Thank You,Till

How to be a tester?

I use ISPCONFIG2 for 4 years and I am setting up a server ISPConfig 3.

Thank you again for your reply. Excuse me for my English because I'm French.


till 14th February 2011 16:57

The first beta version of the ISPConfig billing module is available as online demo now:

user: admin
password: demo

makensy13 15th February 2011 17:27

Till thank you.

Do you know about the first version will be made available to the community?

Thank you again for your job.


till 15th February 2011 23:06

The billing addon will be released soon, it needs just some final bugfixes and the remote api functions need to be added. The price for the addon will be 59 EUR. A licence is needed for a interface server only, so if you run a cluster with 1 interface and 5 webservers, 2mailservers and 2 dns server, you need just 1 license.

makensy13 16th February 2011 11:22

ISPConfig will not be free!!
Thank you, Till

So if I understand correctly ISPConfig will not be a product OpenSource but gradually moves to a proprietary product.
The add ons are paying and will therefore restrial time.
It is the ultimate goal ISPConfig? A product that will be distinguished in two versions:
- The version of the community -> Features basics.
- The paid version -> The set of all the features (with documentation).

I begin to have real doubts about the finalization of the product.

Can we say more!

Thank you for your sincerity.


mike_p 16th February 2011 11:46

Clearly anyone who wants the billing module is making money from their use of ISPConfig. Why shouldn't the creators earn some money from that?

Or to put it another way, if ISPConfig is free for you to use, why don't you provide hosting services for your clients for free. Then you won't need a billing module.

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