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whiz_kid_uk 16th November 2010 16:04

Poweradmin / PowerDNS PTR records
First of all thanks to everyone in these forums - Your a great help !
I have a small issue I am trying to work out. I am trying to setup reverse DNS for some IP addresses -
I have created a zone called and then added a record in the format needed - Power admin accepts my entry however when I di @localhost - x ipaddress
It tells me no
The server is not setup as a recursive server just authorative Any ideas guys ??


falko 18th November 2010 14:50

Let's assume you're the administrator of the IP subnet 1.2.3/ and want to create a PTR record for the IP address that should point to First you create the DNS zone (3.2.1 is our 1.2.3 subnet in reverse order) in ISPConfig and in this DNS zone you create a PTR record for 4 (which is our IP address which points to

Waldo 28th May 2011 00:01

I did this and when i run the dig command with the -x switch (PTR Lookup) i do not get the domain back as a reply.

falko 28th May 2011 13:12

But did you get an answer (with a different domain name), or was there no answer section at all?

Waldo 29th May 2011 10:24

Yeah i just realized i was using the dig command wrong. was putting the switch ( -x ) in the wrong spot. Everything is working GREAT! Kinda feel like a doofus.

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