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truster 13th November 2010 14:10

Forwarding mail if unser unknown possible?
Hello, I have setup a server with this great howto:

Everything works fine, but i have the following situation:

i use the e-mail domain from my isp ( with getmail. All outgoing mail goes to the smtp server from the isp. if i send a e-mail to an address, that is not in my virtual mailbox table, for example:, i get the following message:

5.1.1 <>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table.
send to all other domains works.

is it possible to forward those mail to an external relay host?
In Exchange 2003 i had to delegate the domain as non-authoritative and added a transport for All unresolved adresses would be forwarded to the specified host.

Is this possible with ISPConfig3?

Any Help would be greatly appreciated.


falko 14th November 2010 20:42

Yes, you can do this with the Email Routing feature (it uses Postfix transports).

truster 14th November 2010 21:11

Hi Falko, thanks for your reply!

If i add a e-mail routing for, all mails fetched with getmail will also be forwarded, so i get a loop (aon pop account > getmail > local smtp > aon smarthost smtp > aon popaccount. the aon smtp server detects the loop and dropped the mail
And Thunderbird keeps display the message, if i try to send to an address.

truster 15th November 2010 00:46

ok, this one is not the solution, but a workaround:

i disabled the domain (and mailboxes) and createt the aon.local domain.
i assigned the alias with myemail@aon.local box and also configured getmail this way.

It's not the ultimate solution, but it works.

btw: how can i make this thread as solved?

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