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bambam82 19th October 2010 16:25

Relay recipients Backup MX, whole domain

this is for information only since it is wrongly written in the manual of ISPconfig3.
The manual says it shoud be like:
Server: <ISPconfig server>
Relay recipient: <email@domain.tld or domain.tld>

Actually. If you want to be a backup MX for a whole domain. You should use "@domain.tld". If the @ is not included it will mention "rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table;"

the in /etc/postfix should have:

transport_maps = mysql:/etc/postfix/
relay_recipient_maps = mysql:/etc/postfix/

good luck everyone searching for this. I hope this gets rectified in the manual.

Bart Dorlandt
The Netherlands

falko 20th October 2010 18:29

Chapter, right? I've changed it to

Relay recipient: Fill in the email address or email domain, e.g. or

It will be available with the next update.

bambam82 21st October 2010 09:39

page 131,

it should be changed on page 131. (chapter Email Routing) It has a picture where no @ is used.

and indeed in chapter, like you said.

falko 22nd October 2010 14:52

Thanks, I've created a new screenshot! :)

bambam82 22nd October 2010 15:23


the only thing left to say... I love it....
It makes it a lot easier to manage the accounts. Better than my home made scripts. ;)

thumps up for you guys

Petr 27th October 2010 17:06

Oh yes , bambam82.
for this solution must be stand alone instaltion ISPC , or is possible mx-backup as part of a multiserver structure?

I hawe backup mx without ispc system .. only blanc postfix with realey.

btw. I have manual, great work, but for this solution I dont listen answer.

bambam82 27th October 2010 17:30

Hi, you should have answer in the other topic:

backup MX without ISPconfig3 is no problem.
This should also work in multi setup.

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