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maberglund 8th October 2010 00:01

Postfix not accepting but is accepting
Hello all!

I have postfix/ispconfig 3/centos/etc. seemingly properly configured but I am running into a problem.

I have setup an email account in the system,

I have properly set up my dns such that I have and A record for and

with an mx record for

So, I expect that any mail that goes to would be forwarded to (which are on the same machine), but instead postfix returns a 550 response and kicks the email back.

Do I have to set up another email domain in ispconfig and do an alias on each user, or is there a more global way to do this? I explored the $mydestination variable in postfixs, but from my reading, it appears that the right way to adjust these sort of things on ispconfig 3 with mysql is through the ispconfig interface itself

Any help would be appreciated!

falko 8th October 2010 14:03

You have to create as a mail domain in ISPConfig and then create an alias.

maberglund 8th October 2010 19:47

Thanks falko. So, after much fiddling, the only way I got this to work was to create two domains. One and the other

Then I could make one ( and alias of the other (

Is this correct? Is seems very counterintuitive.

falko 10th October 2010 20:35

Yes, this is correct (if you want to alias all email accounts of to

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