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otacon 24th September 2010 17:54

DNS Record Confirmation
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So I was just wanting to add www to my domain so when you type it would go to the correct place.

Currently I am on Debian with ispconfig 3 and verify new to owning my own NS. The Name server is and godaddy is pointing at it just, fine but I am not sure why is not working.

till 24th September 2010 18:16

select "auto subdomain: www" in the website settings.

otacon 24th September 2010 21:06

yeah that was already enabled and wasn't working.

So I removed the cnam www and now it works. (well that was a simple fix)

but now I was hoping that when I go to it will look like, so I added aliase of

host name :
Target :

but it is not working yet. I will have to wait 48hours to be sure of that though... any suggestions?

till 24th September 2010 21:12

Please see my answer above. You have to do this in the website settings and not the dns settings.

otacon 25th September 2010 01:43

like i said that has been enabled this entire time and has not been working... apparently.

I added an alias for to point to the target and it is working perfectly now.

is there a reason why I shouldn't do this by the dns?

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