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jopa123 22nd September 2010 23:58

Basic setup for ISPConfig 3 and dns
I'm relatively new here, so excuse me if my questions are very rudimentary.

I have completed my server using the The Perfect Server - Ubuntu 9.04 [ISPConfig 3]. The server is in my home which has a single dynamic IP address. The address changes rarely but it does change (maybe 3 times a year at the most)

My problem: I need to have two dns servers (with two separate IP addresses) at the registrar where most of my domains are located. The rest of my domains are at Godaddy and I believe the same is true - need two dns servers.

Here are my questions:

1. What is the easiest and most efficient setup to handle DNS in this situation?

2. Should I use DyDNS? Do I use it for all dns or just as a secondary dns? Is the service that I need free or is it something they charge for? Does DyDNS actually give me an IP address that I can enter at the registrar for each virtual DNS server or is it a sub-domain?

3. If I use DyDns, do I need to "turn off" the DNS in ISPConfig or change other settings somewhere? Do I leave the zone empty?

4. If I don't use DyDNS, what is the process for changing the IP address in ISPConfig when it does change?

Thanks in advance

falko 23rd September 2010 16:19

In your case where you just have one public IP which changes from time to time, I suggest that you use your registrar's nameservers. I think most registrars offer DNS services now for free.

jopa123 23rd September 2010 17:12


Thanks. I'm working with the options available at my registrar.

Do I have to turn off DNS on my server, or anything?

falko 24th September 2010 14:53


Originally Posted by jopa123 (Post 240019)
Do I have to turn off DNS on my server, or anything?

IF you don't use it, turn it off to save server resources. :)

jopa123 25th September 2010 19:01

Getting default Apache page

Got the dns working now, but all my sites give the default Apache page that says simply "It Works"

I've tried it on several sites. Where's my issue?

Thanks again.

till 26th September 2010 12:58

1) Add the internal IP address under system > server IP.
2) Select this IP address in the website settings of the websites that you created.
3) select auto subdomain: www in the website settings.

jopa123 29th September 2010 23:18

ftp to wrong folder
I think I'm almost there, thanks to you guys. I'm now getting the ISPconfig "Welcome to Your Website" default page.

Here's the latest issue(s).

I created an ftp login for myself and attempted to upload the files for my site. I still got the default page. I went digging around in the files and I found that in my directory (/var/www/clients/client1) there were three other directories - web1, web3, and

It appears that my files were uploaded to the web3 directory instead of the directory.

Where did I mess up?

Second question. My ftp login has the word "default" in front of the username. Is there a way to get rid of this?

Third question. How do I create a user login that will allow someone else to login to a control panel that is specific to their website, not a "master" type control panel? Or is this possible? And what url would they use to log in?

I really have tried to research these questions before bothering you with them. But I've had no luck.

I truly appreciate your help.

till 29th September 2010 23:54

Please delete the index.html file in the web folder of the website. It has to be deleted when you upload a new index.php or index.htm file. Also make sure that you uploaded your files into the web subfolder.

Regarding the FTP username prefix, this is configured under system > Interface config. You should remove the prefix only if this server has no clients, as FTP usernames have to unique for the whole server and the prefix enforces that.

jopa123 30th September 2010 00:27

Boy do I feel stupid. I just assumed that Dreamweaver overwrote that file with mine. Rookie mistake.

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