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vulfs 12th September 2010 18:17

error after update to 2.2.37
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After update everything seems to work..
BUT.. when I go into ISPAdmin and chose a site the first page with the settings af empty meaning nothing is set under basis,. An that goes for all sites.
So i cant change anything

And when under administration and settings.. nothing is set.
So when i type ind the settings and saves.. nothing is saved??

What is wrong.. what can i do to make ISP read the tables right..
All homespages and mailadresses seems to be working

till 12th September 2010 19:38

Take a look into the ispconfig database and check if the isp_isp_web table contains the records for all sites.

vulfs 12th September 2010 21:13

No data in isp_isp_web table??!!!

isp_isp_domain contains lots of data.

What do I do?

falko 13th September 2010 13:46

This is really strange. Did you see any errors during the update?

vulfs 13th September 2010 13:51

non what so ever.
Saw it connected with succes to database.

vulfs 14th September 2010 15:37

Are there a way to get the data in to the tables, auto or manual?

falko 14th September 2010 15:52

Please check if there's an SQL dump of the old ISPConfig database in /tmp. You can take the missing information from that dump.

vulfs 14th September 2010 16:08

this one existing_db_09_12_2010__16_49_43.sql?

Yes is was..
Can i import that hole backup directly into the database or is somethings changed?

falko 15th September 2010 18:47


this one existing_db_09_12_2010__16_49_43.sql?
Yes, that one looks good.

From which ISPConfig version did you upgrade?
There were no database changes from 2.2.36 to 2.2.37, so if you upgraded from 2.2.36, you can import the SQL dump (unless you made changes in ISPConfig since the upgrade - in this case your changes would be lost).

vulfs 16th September 2010 08:51

I must admit i cant remember which version I upgraded from... But is has been about at year..

Are there a way to use the backup and run a manual database upgrade?

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