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dxh 9th September 2010 03:19

Perfect Server ubuntu 10.04 issue
Hello. I have set up a server following this how to, and I am having an issue with a php script. I get this error when I run the script:

PHP Fatal error: call to undefined function odbc_connect

I installed the freetds and unixodbc items, but I still get the same error.
This is trying to access my MSSQL db

I am pretty weak with php so any help is great.


till 9th September 2010 11:37

Looks as if the php odbc module is not installed or not loaded. To install it, run:

apt-get install php5-odbc

and then restart the apache webserver.

dxh 15th September 2010 20:18

Thanks Till. That did the trick.

I noticed that when I run this script from the default profile it works, but when I run it from a client vhost it does not. I think this is an issue of what PHP is allowed to do for that vhost? Why would it work in the default site, but not under client sites I create?
Just curious if you have any suggestions.
Thanks again, your solution got me running.

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