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todvard 12th June 2006 12:27

ISPconfig log files in /var/log

my ISPconfig related log files keep growing in /var/log directory (mail.log.ispconfigsave, xferlog.ispconfigsave). Is there a mechanism in ISPconfig to rotate these files or i should configure logrotate to rotate them?
(ISPConfig v 2.2.3, Debian Sarge)

Thank you.

falko 12th June 2006 12:36

Configure logrotate, or if you don't need the logs, you cna disable them in Management -> Server -> Settings.

todvard 12th June 2006 14:14

got it, thank you.

bigger_travis 3rd May 2010 19:30

how do you disable it?

i am using ver2.

how do you disable it? do you just remove [empty] the value in the "access Log" field?


till 3rd May 2010 20:07

This log can not be disabled in ispconfig. It is used to create the web logs which are in the website log directorys. ISPconfig deletes the ispconfig_access log every day after it has been splitted.

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