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enzo24 28th August 2010 20:38

Lenny+ispconfig3+mydns=dns not working?
Hi all !

I followed the perfect lenny server tutorial on a clean server for test purposes.

Everything works fine, except DNS.

I've set up DNS correctly in the ISPConfig interface.

After 24 hours, I did a DNS transversal check with & found out that records are straight on there side, everything pointing as it should, but my server doesn't respond...

Ouch !

I ssh'd to my server , did an /etc/init.d/mydns restart. Nothing special, no alerts.. just restart.

ISPCOnfig says MyDNS is running

Nestat -tap however doesn't see mydns running...:confused:


I also checked out my firewall rules, the correct ports are open.

BTW, I did an apt-get remove bind9, hoping to keep the server from getting confused on who's doing the DNS stuff onbord.

However, in ISPCOnfig3 panel I see this :

HUH ??? Bind ???

Now I'm lost...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

enzo24 28th August 2010 23:39

Ok, got an answer for this one.

Debian Lenny is delivered with bind pre-installed & running

The apt-get remove bind9 that I did was not correct (does't remove bind & less stop the running service)

To correctly remove bind do this


apt-get purge bind9
update-rc.d bind9 remove

apt-get remove bind9 IS NOT SUFFICIENT /INCORRECT

Use code above.

A reboot -n will restart server & get things straight.

There's probably a more graceful way to restart all services, but the reboot did the trick for me.

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