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whacked 26th August 2010 03:40

How to determine IP address of Apache
I just installed Apache, mysql and php5, following this tutorial created by Falco
it even mentions about IP may not being the same as listed in tutorial, but how do i go about determine what ip address is correct

Polk 26th August 2010 05:10

By default most likely it will be your server IP and port 80

whacked 26th August 2010 14:44

thanks for responce
really don't find that response very helpful, I only want to test from my own machine, just like in instruction posted about how to set up apache at this website using an Internal device ip 192.168.... blah blah. what server i have no server set up yet

whacked 26th August 2010 14:46

only running apache from routerback to PC
i am not access the internet at this time, like having a domain name

whacked 26th August 2010 14:48

to be honest POLK
I find the response totally useless, not sure why you would even bother to respond with such vague information. and yes of course we browser work on port 80, not that really needed in configuration but thanks for pointing that out

whacked 26th August 2010 14:50

thinking it might be limitations of Router
Using a ISP supplied Router/modem speedstream 6520

Polk 26th August 2010 15:20

take it easy a little and sorry I didn't understand your question. You can find out your External IP address by going to sites like this:

If you want to know your internal IP address, you can check it here:
/etc/network/interfaces (ubuntu, debian)

hope this helps.

whacked 26th August 2010 15:31

yes Thans Polk
sorry for being unkind , but the external ip whatmyip just redirects me to my router, and the 2 scripts you provided do not work, my fault for telling you i am using opensuse 11.3
I have run apache successfully on windows, but having bad luck just even getting started on linux

Polk 26th August 2010 15:42

Those are not scripts, but paths where to check with your favorite text editor (vi, nano)

Also check here:

you would go there by command:

cd /etc/httpd/conf
then type:

this folder has the Apache settings.

whacked 26th August 2010 15:48

really bad luck
none of the last steps provided worked, i suppose to do this from terminal correct ?

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