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rumak18 10th August 2010 09:25

Linux - "umask 220" in .bash_bashprofile

i'm about to install an oracle client 11g on my RedHat and SLES Linux distribution. However, the documentation says, that i have to set "umask 220" in users profile ".bash_bashprofile" . I know that this settings just subtract bit by bit the user rights. But how does this function generelly? If this setting is set in .bash_bashprofile? What does it mean generelly for the
concernning user? Does he have an overall right of 447 for all his directories? I would be pleased, if anyone could explain me that.

falko 11th August 2010 18:39

I guess the user would have 557 permissions.

rumak18 11th August 2010 22:22

Oh, you're right :p
But what are these permissions for? For "/"?

falko 12th August 2010 14:10

I think these are the permissions for uploaded files and directories.

rumak18 12th August 2010 21:49

What do you mean by "uploaded"?
Files that have been put in "samba" shares?
By just creating files as a user?
Nethertheless, i don't get the point , why this is something that has to do with the oracle client insallation.

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