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Rapid2214 30th July 2010 22:41

Server not running commands
Having a slight problem. I've noticed that nothing has been creating on my server (web users, dns files, etc..), so before i posted on here i wanted to have a look round for anything obvious...
In the sys_datalog i found many records like this:

3        3        server        server_id:3        d        1275555649        admin          a:2:{s:3:"old";a:17:{s:9:"server_id";s:1:"3";s:10:...        pending
I also looked at the cron script "server.php" and noticed this mysql statment.

SELECT * FROM server WHERE update = 1 AND server_id = ".$conf["server_id"]
Yet i looked in the server table and there isn't a colum called 'update', what has happened?

I can access the interface fine but its just not applying,


Getting quite annoyed now...


till 30th July 2010 23:07

Thats all ok. as You might have noticed, the sql stamement that you copied is from a code part that is commented out, so it has no relevance for ispconfig. The records in sys_datalog are fine too.

Regarding your problem that updates get not applied, see here:

and you should update to the latest ISPConfig 3 release ( to prevent this in future.

Rapid2214 30th July 2010 23:25

Ok thanks, i didn't notice :D

But i don't understand what you mean by "server table for this server is the same then the datalog_id of the last processed entry"...

What feild do i need to change?

Thanks alot,


Rapid2214 31st July 2010 12:26

FIXED, upgraded to and did a reboot.

Thanks for the help...


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