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jnsc 19th July 2010 21:24

phpMyAdmin package available for ISPConfig 2
On Thursday 20 November 2014 phpMyAdmin has been released. This is a security fix release. Upgrade to this version is highly recommended.

There will be official security update for 4.0.10 by phpMyAdmin until Jan 1, 2017. If there are still some ISPConfig 2 users I can update this package.

Based on this version I've created a new package for ISPConfig 2.


Release notes

nikro 12th August 2010 21:45

Thanks for your work!

I think it would be good to use this Thread for future releases - I mean editing the start post instead of creating a new thread - to provide the actuality of the link at the download page:

The Link there points to a very old and insecure phpmyadmin version.

kind regards


falko 13th August 2010 16:52

I've just updated the link on :)

jnsc 19th August 2010 23:15

Updated to 3.3.5

basmevissen 23rd August 2010 14:15


Originally Posted by jnsc (Post 236946)
Updated to 3.3.5

Thanks for creating a new package. Unfortunately, PhpMyAdmin was released. Can you please update it again?



jnsc 23rd August 2010 14:28

Yes I saw it, I will try to make a package tomorrow, as I will not have the time tonight.

jnsc 23rd August 2010 19:39

I could find 5 minutes in my shedule, so I updated the package.

basmevissen 24th August 2010 11:46

Hi, thanks for creating this package.
A few things about the configuration:

1) $go_info["server"]["server_url"] doesn't seem to exist. When I test the configuration with https://server/phpmyadmin/show_config_errors.php, I get the message:
Notice: Undefined variable: go_info in /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/web/phpmyadmin/ on line 44

2) Why hiding databases by default? The great power of phpmyadmin is that you can view and manipulate all tables with ease.

3) Why hiding database "test"? That is a usual name if you are playing around.

4) The configuration hides pmadb database "pmadb", while the default name for it is "phpmyadmin".

5) Is there a way to have the "verbose" name of the server set automatically?

xrat 26th August 2010 21:09

Thanks again
I wish I could click the [Thanks] button more than just once! ;)

jnsc 26th August 2010 23:03

@basmevissen : Before creating the "new" package, I created this thread, so if you have suggestions I think it would be good to continue there.

@xrat : :D Thanks

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