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pakogah 13th July 2010 22:14

auto installer script
perhaps this feature has been asking by others, but I dont know.
I wish there is an auto installer script that can run on ispconfig like what fantastico/installatron/softaculous can ran on cpanel/directadmin

Softaculous developer seems very nice and try to make as many as possible script can be installed on various panel.

Other options is simplescript, it's free, hosted installed on their servers but can integrated well with many panel. hopefully ispconfig and simplescript developer can works each others.

below is list of script supported by simplescript

jmontoya 21st July 2010 13:33

Those scripts doesn't have a GPL license

jmontoya 26th July 2010 17:17

I will create something like this for install drupal (this is just an example)

Add a new remoting function that will install an open source package:

remoting::installDrupal($session_id, $client_id, $web_id, $params) {

//1. Create the database
//2. Copy drupal files in the client web
//3. Execute a script that will install drupal with the current $params
//4. Done


What do you think of this idea?

I wish to know what do you think about installing open source software (by deman) to client websites?

till 27th July 2010 14:37

I think a package installer should be more generic:

1) Define a package installer format.
2) Create a universal package installer function and repository that is able to execute and installe the packages in the format defined in 1) into the websites.

A remoting function is only a wy to insert data into the mysql database on the master server, it can not execute any code to install software on the slave that runs the webserver. A package installer would have to be implemented as server side module plus a corresponding database table and some inteface forms to select the software that shall be installed in the website module.

jmontoya 27th July 2010 15:09

Hello till and thanks for your reponse.

So what you mean is to create a new plugin here: (just an example)


Here I will create all the functions (install, uninstall a drupal/wordpress/etc to a client) to manage the "universal package installer format"?

Some UI will be useful as you said to manage that.

Then with the remoting class, I just add a new record in the DB saying "I will create a drupal site in the site id = 1".

And finally the cron file will be executed and install the site.

Thanks for your feedback in advance.

till 27th July 2010 15:12

Basically yes. But the remoting api is not used for this at all. The remoting API is a API for third party applications that are not part of ISPConfig, e.g. billing systems, to read and add data in the ispconfig database. You never use the remoting API for functions in the ispconfig interface or server part as you use local functions and librarys for this.

jmontoya 27th July 2010 15:37

I guess I forgot to said that I'm doing a plugin for thehostingtool a.k.a THT (third party open source software billing system, etc ) to integrate it with ISPConfig 3.

So THT will called the remoting ISPConfig3 functions.

till 27th July 2010 15:43

Then you might have to add remoting function as well beside the local function to install packages from within ISPConfig.

jmontoya 27th July 2010 16:21


Originally Posted by till (Post 234830)
Then you might have to add remoting function as well beside the local function to install packages from within ISPConfig.

Great! I will write a proposal and then I will ask for suggestions, etc.

Horfic 27th July 2010 22:15

What I know, something like that is in the bugtracker system as a feature request.

So you could use the Application Packaging Standard for your plugin.

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