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Ballistic509 19th June 2010 21:15

NAT Setup
I am in need of some assistance. I've tried over and over and just can figure it out. What settings can I use to make this work behind a router? Like which IP to use and where and what NS records to add when creating a domain. I just can't get my server on the Internet.

I've been using the perfect server howto for debian 5 and ispconfig 3.

till 19th June 2010 22:06

In a NAT enviroment, you use the external IP address for DNS records and the internal IP address for the website settings. Then forward all nescessary ports from your router to your server, e.g. 80 and 443 for the webserver.

If the above settings dont work, then it might be that your internet provider blocks some ports. Then you should contact your provider and ask them if they block any ports.

Ballistic509 19th June 2010 22:42

That's what I thought. Inside the configuration, where would each go? In Server Config, I have all network IPs for settings and still cannot reach my host that is registered with my registrar. Do I have to create my own DNS entry for it?

till 19th June 2010 23:08

In Server config you have only local IP addresses.

Please contact your ISP as I suggested above. Many ISP's are blocking ports as they dont want that their customers run servers on their dsl lines.

Ballistic509 19th June 2010 23:31

I have used the service and all my ports are currently open and available.

Ballistic509 20th June 2010 01:07

Just out of nowhere it started resolving. The only problem I see with the whole system is with users that are new to hosting. Say they don't know what DNS is and their site doesn't show up because they didn't run the Zone Wizard. I would receive constant support requests of sites not coming online.

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