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aur 18th June 2010 16:47

prevent overwriting of php-fcgi-startup

i would like to ask, if it's anyhow possible to prevent ispconfig3 from overwriting the .php-fcgi-startup script of a virtual host.

reason: for some very old software i need to run php4 on this virtual-host only. this work's just fine by modifying the .php-fcgi-startup script for this host. however: when i make any changes in ispconfig, ispconfig apparently overwrites the startup-script with the default values.

for now i've just removed write-privileges for anyone on this file, but i don't know if this is the right way to go or if there is something else what i could do to keep my php-fcgi-startup to start php4.


till 18th June 2010 19:05

There is no way to prevent the overwriting from inside ISPConfig. But you can set a Linux file to be immutable with a shell command and this should prevent that ispconfig modifies the file.

aur 19th June 2010 19:50

cool -- i didn't know of this.

thanks for your help!

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