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Grollaz 16th June 2010 17:42

Change website dir
Hi, how i can change the dir of my webdite in ispconfig3?

Now i have some website on one linux server with plesk, and the path of my document folder is: "var/www/vhosts/"
how i can set the same document path in ispconfig3 as default for all new website?


Grollaz 17th June 2010 17:36

hi, some idea?

till 17th June 2010 17:51

This directory can not be changed. It is always /var/www/

Grollaz 17th June 2010 18:14

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..and if i chage the path from the server config tab?

till 17th June 2010 18:30

Then you have a good chance that your setup will not work. The path is there so that you can change e.g. /var/www to /home/www in case that you compiled apache manually with a different document root directory. But you can not change the structure of the path.

Grollaz 17th June 2010 18:43

If I uninstall ISPConfig and use virtualmin to configure domains, I must first delete something to make it work?

till 17th June 2010 18:45

Thats depends on virtualmin and not ISPConfig. You might have to ask the virtualmin developers if they support the setup that ISPConfig uses.

Grollaz 17th June 2010 19:14

ok, thanks.

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