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whiz_kid_uk 15th June 2010 15:19

PowerDNS and Power Admin
Hey Guys,
First thanks for everything, I am learning allot ! However I have one issue I really cannot sort myself.
I have two vmware servers running unbuntu and powerdns/admin
REplication using mysql works perfect however I cannot setup the templates, that can be used to create a new domain, it does not show the records or store them..

Any ideas ? / Help would really be appreciated !

Thanks in advance


falko 16th June 2010 15:24

What kind of template do you mean? I'm not sure if the template that is used to set up new zones can be edited in Poweradmin...

whiz_kid_uk 16th June 2010 16:52

Thanks Anyway
I sat there working on this last night, it turns out its a bug in power admin, I downloaded the latest nightly build and it works perfectly !



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