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playcraft 28th May 2010 17:57

Which file adds user admispconfig to the /etc/group file? I need to have it also add apache.

playcraft 28th May 2010 20:09

Ispconfig rebuilds the group file on change which overwrites the file. So I need to have ispconfig add apache user along with admispconfig user.

playcraft 15th September 2010 17:32

User add/edit after new website
PHP Code:


to /ispconfig/scripts/lib/config.lib.php adds the user apache when the initial website is added to ispconfig. But when a user is added to a website then this is overwritten under a different function. I cannot locate the function.

falko 16th September 2010 15:06

I think you can do this in the make_docroot() function in /root/ispconfig/scripts/lib/config.lib.php.

playcraft 16th September 2010 15:13

I tried that (see previous thread). This seems to only work when the website/domain is first created but when a user is added or deleted later it does not add apache therefore it makes me think there is a separate function.

falko 17th September 2010 16:14

Then it's one of the user functions (user_insert, etc.), I guess.

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