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cornelius 26th April 2005 17:28

Has anyone made any experiences with Ubuntu? Is it worth a try?

joe 27th April 2005 00:18

Definitely worth a try. IMO, the best Desktop distribution out there.

cornelius 27th April 2005 18:34

Just downloaded it. Let's see... :)

linutzy 16th August 2005 22:03

I have it on another machine
Anything that is like debian I will pick up.

As it stands I now use Ubuntu with evolution to do all my e-mail. I will not use Outlook or Outlook Express. Evo seems to have done the trick :D
My next project is setting up a mail server and seeing how I can work the two together......much thanks to Falko and Till.

anti-net 5th December 2005 19:37

I used it for awhile, very nice, currently switch between Fedora Core 4 and...Windows :( but i think i would use ubuntu again, great for people new to Linux or switching from Windows or Mac OS

TheDanMan 13th December 2005 23:56

I use Ubuntu for all purposes. I currently still have a windows box though. I do play games now and again.

Pretty much at this point I can name a linux program to do anything you'd want to do.

clayg 14th December 2005 08:08

Ok, let's try :
Activesync and Motorola or other phone tools (cell)

webstergd 19th December 2005 09:10

if it isn't too late try Kbuntu also. It is teh KDE version.

If you already installed ubuntu you can turn it into kbuntu by installing the KDE batch from synaptic.

only trick to remember with ubuntu is to always use the sudo command. You can read the wiki on their website for propper usage.

phoenixshard 22nd February 2006 19:05

Ubuntu is what I'm currently using. I started out with SuSE and tried Fedora Core, but went back to SuSE after that. Ubuntu was one that I didn't like at all, but I had a computer that for some reason wouldn't take SuSE, so I tried Ubuntu on it and it installed with no problem. Since then, I've really started to like it. It's actually now on one of my laptops and also a desktop. Very sweet distro.

spartan777 22nd February 2006 22:13

i love ubuntu. i'm several months new to linux, so i can't really effectively use the terminal or do under-the-hood sort of things, but ubuntu is really working out well. my main os is still windows (sadly, but its for the gaming), and i've tried many other linux distros, including linspire, debian, and fedora core, as well as messed around with knoppix.

i plan on setting up my own internet site using ubuntu on an old p III server. the only things ubuntu gives me trouble is getting matrox drivers, (though they aren't necessary) and running ubuntu livecd on a mac (just a side experiment).

with dapper drake coming out soon, ubuntu will be even cooler, with the compiz and xgl stuff.

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