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omonte 7th May 2010 21:29

rpm build howto
Hello, this is my first try at building rpms. All the documentation out there states to build rpms as a regular user and not root. Now I know why they suggest that, however I'm running into a problem because I need to run the user/groupadd commands during the rpm build process and therefore my rpm build is failing, because I don't have root access. So, apart from running the rpm build as root is there any other way (through the spec file?) to get around this? Thanks.

falko 8th May 2010 13:43

Chapter four on should give you the idea. Please run

and add your regular user.

topdog 10th May 2010 12:38

You should not be making changes to the system during the rpm build process, the changes should be made during installation of the rpm.

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